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This stuff called NBA (network behaviour analysis) has been around for years (but CW thinks it’s new… on) and while I acknowledge the intelligence of guys who build these systems….from a programming perspective only, and what could be, they have gone relatively no where in the last 6 years….ie; think heuristic antivirus technology…..big talk circa 1995 and where today? Any difference?

The following quote from this story in Computerworld, stupidly titled “NBA: Your last line of defence” pretty much inadvertently says it all: (If we solved this problem described below in the quote, the technology would be redundant anyway!) (Addition: this CW link seems to no longer work so go to Network World for the story)


We’re all taking a few days off, but the news section of the site will continue to be updated! Hopefully not too much happens! :-)

Thanks to all for being readers of Beast or Buddha in 2007. I really do appreciate everyone who comes here.

Have a happy and healthy new year, and see you online soon!

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Does the search engine in Facebook have much intelligence? Type in the dirtiest thing you can in the search list for a friend and you will get brought up a list of people who I am 100% sure would be shocked to know they came up on the list! (Well at least some of them I think) :-)
Now you’re probably wondering how I found this out? Well….research is my job. :-)

The level of intelligent posts in BorB has just dropped again. I promise in 2008, I will raise the game!

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Risky Business #43 and #44 are well worth a listen (like all the RB podcasts are). These two recent ones include Peter Gutmann’s excellent presentation at Kiwicon 2007. Here’s the link:

So yesterday the wife calls JetStar (Australian airline) to enquire if one
of the 4 flights (wife, two kids and myself) we have booked for today can be changed to the day after. I needed to stay an extra day in Sydney for business. (The flights weren’t cheap either this time of year). We know it’s within the 24 hour period but thought we’d try….you sometimes get good people. “Not a problem” the lovely lady on the phone tells my wife. “We’ll just need to know when you want to use that flight”. Wife calls me on the phone and I suggest a date sometime later this year as they did not have a flight out for me tomorrow. So wife books a flight on another airline – $300 odd bucks. She calls back JetStar who confirm the change will be no problem to a flight later in the year, but that for some reason, I had to actually call them to confirm the change in flight details. “It won’t be a problem!” I get home, call JetStar and speak to a “gentleman” who tells me I cannot do it. After explaining about the previous 2 calls, with disdain, I am told, too bad, they were wrong! Stupid me suggested I’ll call back and take my chances with someone more pleasant like my wife had spoken too on the previous two calls. Should have known – he proudly proceeded to tell me that he would put a comment on the booking to ensure no one else would make the change per chance I got someone with some Christmas spirit and decency. Sure enough, wife calls again, explains that we would not have changed the ticket and bought another one if we had not been told and then confirmed in a second call that it was okay! (The dude had put a comment on the system – probably something nasty). So $300 odd bucks wasted. Anyway, I wish that miserable sod at JetStar a lovely Christmas…..I am sure he’ll move up in life to be a parking inspector one day and thoroughly enjoy it! He seemed the type.

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From the Register, Symantec winning some bucks against counterfeiters.

“Did the fake copies have as many problems?” :-)

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BankMan is an article submission to Beast or Buddha from the CISO from one of the region’s banks. My responses will follow….

BankMan: You mentioned in a recent post how good Australian banks were doing with IT Security. I know that came with a few extras that you also highlighted like how bad we were against the rest of the world like Asian countries like Singapore. But at least you seemed optimistic.

Mapped against levels of fraud, Australia does well so what do you base your comments upon?

Darkside Brothers Reality Checks are article submissions to Beast or Buddha from two well respected industry researchers and consultants. Are they serious and on the ball or swaying towards conspiracy lunacy? I’ll leave it with you to work out your own opinions.

In response to the previous Beast or Buddha post on the Billion owned systems. (The SMH has had time to correct if they thought they were wrong but that’s beside the point):

We really need to move on from the idea that unless your motd is “lol fluffy bunny pwnd j00!” your computer is fine.

All your links are owned:

Every scrap of data that has touched the Internet has been captured under Wholesale Surveillance (owned): (Think MITM, passwords for all your sites (that you re-use for your work VPN, your email and all the encrypted communications and PGP passphrases too).


From a long story about lots of things from the SMH.

“In Australia one zombie army was found to have 400,000 computers under its power while in the Netherlands another was in control of 1 billion computers putting millions of personal details into the wrong hands. ”

That is a lot of computers to manage and control. We’re in big trouble. :-)

Related story on number of computers:

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