Enjoyed this post over at Donal’s site, (as I do all his stuff). Well worth a read…click on:
Ockham’s Razor; Cavity Searches and Internet Filtering.

Some really concerning updates at News.com and the recent blog post on the Government site. It really is no wonder that there are some very worried and scared people out there. I don’t know what is scarier:

- That Conroy and co. are so determined to make this work even against expert advice.
- That they actually believe they can make it work (slight difference to the last point).
- Who is whispering in their ears? (Still no answers to this though I acknowledge they probably have thousands of questions to answer).
- That the ISPs themselves still seem to have little clue about what the hell is going on even though this is due to start!
- That questions about our freedoms are being brushed aside.
- That they actually believe they will protect the children. Guys, remember Bob Hawke protecting the children?

All Australian Internet Filtering/Censorship posts here.

Ah, lets just leave it to Anton Chuvakin who’s covering a lot of these “retarded” (his words) postings here at his blog.

Related post on “progress” (or rather lack of) in 2008. We can talk until the cows come home.

My prediction (more wishful thinking), I’ll go outside the industry. Shane Warne to do a Michael Jordan – return for the Ashes, smash the poms and then retire again. (Though this is dependent upon selectors, captain etc I suppose extending the “invitation”). Lets leave egos and any old grudges aside. Warne in 2009!  :-)

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I just wanted to take some time out from the usual rants here to thank all of our Securus Global clients for their support in 2008, and we’re looking forward to working with everyone in 2009. (Though I know with many of you, the projects haven’t stopped and we’re almost fully booked through the whole Christmas and New Year period, and well into February).

The re-branding to Securus Global at the start of the year went smoother than we could ever have expected and our growth has also exceeded our expectations. We didn’t enter any “Fastest” growing company competitions this year, but if we had, I am sure for our sector, we’d have been right up there.

It’s an honor for us to be the preferred security services provider to many of the region’s largest and most prestigious companies across most sectors. We’re also working with some good security conscious vendors who’ve seen there’s value in getting Securus Global to “test” their products/software/appliances etc before going into production release. (One of the reasons you haven’t seen many public released vulnerabilities from us this year). I wish more companies would start doing things like this. It would make the world a slightly more secure place.

Thank you also to all of our Beast or Buddha readers and contributors from around the world. I’ve met some awesome Information Security professionals through this blog and also now through Twitter. I know many still wonder what the hell Twitter is, but for me personally, I now have about 200 new contacts that I didn’t have at the start of the year – some awesomely brilliant people out there!

Securus Global plans to further expand in 2009 – new offices, new service offerings and a continued focus on providing the best security services in the region (and world), delivered by one of the best teams anywhere. (BTW, we do also work with International companies from all over the world so do contact us if you’re keen to talk about how we can help you. End marketing rant).

I’ll continue to rant, be opininated but as always, be open to your thoughts and criticisms of what I say. This isn’t a goodbye for the year as I am sure there’ll continue to be plenty of fodder to inspire rants throughout the next couple of weeks.

All the best wishes for Christmas and the New Year to our clients, industry friends, Beast or Buddha readers and my Twitters.

The Securus Global Team.

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Securus Global’s Matthew Strahan interviewed here at BAN.THIS.URL on “….flaws in Aussie net filtering scheme”.

19 Dec 2008: Second part of Interview added here.
20 Dec 2008: Final installment of Interview added here.

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With some “experts” suggesting you switch browsers to hide away from bad vulnerabilities in IE, you have to wonder what some of these people are thinking. It continues to highlight the IT industry’s obsession with band-aid solutions – rarely looking at, nor attacking, the root cause of the problems we face with insecure software.

David Rice in his latest post here at the Geekonomics website covers it well.

Threat:  • noun 1 a stated intention to inflict injury, damage, or other hostile action on someone. 2 a person or thing likely to cause damage or danger. 3 the possibility of trouble or danger.


I’ve never paid to much attention to the various “Threat Levels” on the vendor sites. Surely the threat level is always “High”? If it’s ever not deemed that, are we assuming at that single point in time we’re secure and under no threat at all?


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Post on Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy new blog.

Interesting notes from “Tristan”, one of the recent posters:
“62 pages (at the time of writing), and not a supportive comment for the cleanfeed to be found. Comments on this blog were obviously opened to hear the public’s view on topics such as the proposed ISP level filtering. How many more pages of comments expressing their opposition with the policy to the extent that they will abandon voting for labor, will it take before Conroy takes notice?”

Another discussion has headed down a similar path. What did the department think would happen when asking questions about the digital economy on one had and Australia’s approach and on the other, they’re working on crippling the delivery mechanism?

What does the digital economy encompass?

There’s been a bit of this going on lately and you have to wonder if there is a strategy at all….hang on….”strategy”?! I should say “idea at all about any of this”! How backwards have we gone? Does anyone remember NOIE, the NOIE website and the strategies for e-business/e-commerce that NOIE was promoting? (Many years ago now). Did it all just get flushed away and forgotten? It seemed at the time NOIE was on the right track and we now sound like we’re back at the starting blocks trying to figure out what this Internet business thing is?!

With a new security survey being released almost daily, usually by a product vendor whose goal is to promote their wares, I thought I would do my own little survey (if you could call it that). Securus Global works with businesses of all sizes and across most industry sectors. We randomly selected a sample of 20 CSOs and IT Security Managers and asked them a few basic questions.

How do you compare? Keen on your comments….Read on….