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Interesting to once again hear little about any potential prosecutions against those people performing supposed illegal activity. What sort of message does that send out to others? Oh….it’s okay?

Previous post: Unauthorised access to company websites/information/systems….

In cases like this, it does not seem like searching for a needle in a haystack in regards to the identification of individuals….but I could be wrong. Jurisdiction issues? Less of an issue if the perpetrator is known (assuming “friendly” country involved)? Appetite for chasing it up on anyone’s part?

This terminology, acronym or whatever you want to call it, is nothing more than a vendor marketing tactic from the 90’s. It is BS and deserves no more from me now. It’s been done here in this post:
Cloud Computing is for Wankers

Our “industry” should be killing it (again) :-) – with clients and within ourselves. It is taking us backwards! Arghh!!!

Typical Oz press not bothering to keep up with what is happening in New Zealand. I’m sitting here typing away on “what could be” here in Australia, and NZ is about to hit some of this head-on shortly. In brief from Internet Blackout N.Z:

“Section 92 of the Copyright Amendment Act assumes Guilt Upon Accusation and forces the termination of internet connections and websites without evidence, without a fair trial, and without punishment for any false accusations of copyright infringement. We should speak out against injustices like Guilt Upon Accusation being done in the name of artists and protecting creativity.”

Read the rest here. Join the N.Z Internet Blackout protest to show your support.

Risky Business has podcast a section of Securus Global’s Fionnbharr Davies’ Enterprise Security talk from Ruxcon 2008 on Risky Business #96.

Just a few days after a few small ISPs were reported as on the bandwagon with the Government’s Internet Filtering project, unsubstantiated rumour (from a mate – not a bad source :) ), is that the Government may be looking at pulling out of this “gracefully”.

One can only hope this is the case at present, but if it’s not for now, lets at least hope that at the time [it is decided to be ditched], the people involved don’t drag this out more than need be, in any form, as a last ditch and desperate attempt to save some face.

Previous posts on Internet Filtering in Australia.

iiNet is targeted as the fall guy for this BS “piracy” lawsuit. (My opinion).

Previous thoughts here. Every other ISP in Australia I put it to you would be taking the same stance as iiNet, so why is iiNet at present not being supported by the other ISPs?! By support, I mean something of substance….money, meaningful help and numbers….not just lip service in the press!

Read on:

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Our old mate Darren Pauli from Computerworld pulled off a beautie last week with this article: Content filter pilots debunk critics.

Unless I have missed something recently, the iPrimus CEO has gone on record as supporting Internet Filtering! This goes against the position of every other ISP we have read about to date, (unless I have missed something and please do correct me if I am wrong here).

Now I could sit here and go over old ground (previous posts), but reading the article, it just comes across as if this guy has just heard about this and thought, “hey, sounds okay to me!”.

Is it just me thinking that?

Read on:

This is going to be interesting. Update from MIS; iiNet has two-pronged defence in piracy lawsuit.

Previous post putting a few questions out there:

I stand by these questions/predictions. The potential outcomes of this case could be quite scary.

One wonders if somehow the “Internet Filtering” government initiative could end up being linked to the outcomes of this court case. (Or even before and during). Or am I again thinking weird conspiracy things?

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