Dear Recruiters,

Unless we officially approach you to work with us, ie; approve you to go out and look for candidates, please don’t go out and approach people who you think we might like to fullfill roles that we advertise. This doesn’t look good upon you. We don’t support random headhunting of people.

Securus Global Team

Securus Global: IT Security, Penetration Testing, Security Assessments, PCI Compliance, Product Assurance, QualysGuard, Security Strategy, Vulnerability Assessment.

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  1. John says:

    Right down there with used car salesmen and spammers, they are :-)

  2. Miranda says:

    Cheeky Buggers

  3. The Knuckle says:

    So you don’t support “[b]randon[/b]” headhunters ?

    Does this mean you do support [b]random[/b] headhunters ?

    What about smart-alecs who take cheap shots over typos ? Do we have any chance getting a gig with SG ?

  4. LOL thanks guys. Just hating hearing from clients that people in the client’s company are being approached to work for us. Inference being it may look like we’re (SG) doing it. We’re not. Bad form. Not our style.

  5. Thanks Knuck. All fixed. I blame the outsourced writing team from Upper Botobolar.

    Will have to deduct some money from that 20c a post they charge me for this stuff on Beast or Buddha.

    Some may say given the quality of stuff here, I am being overcharged. (Got in before anyone else did so nah!)

  6. Upper Botobolar says:

    20c per post ?

    Gotta keep that cashflow coming …

    (Ka-ching, ker-ching, – I just made another 20c!)

  7. Wireghoul says:

    Linkedin does wonders for those guys