- Did Tony Abbott really say we don’t need better Internet bandwidth and speeds? Sounds that way. Example. Don’t you hate it when politics gets in the way of growth and improvements? In Australia, this is the norm sadly. On the flipside I suppose, you could argue that Conroy and co. have struggled with the NBN project from the outset. Well it seems that way to me. Checkout some history and delivery dates here.

- Have things gone a bit quiet on the Internet Filter side of things again? It happens, and just as you think (hope) it’s going away, it pops back up again. Had some interesting chats with Kate Lundy’s office about this a little while ago. Thanks to Kate, Pia and team for taking our thoughts on board. If interested, the comments and opinions we put forward were in line with previous postings here on Beast or Buddha (as per previous link).

Overall, you’d have to say Australia moves very slowly these days in terms of Government and technology. We came out of the blocks quite well, and even up to the early 90s were up there, but we’ve slumped back into being a distant follower and have been for a long time. The last couple of years’ effort from the Government is cementing us into this position. But, while Tony Abbott plays political games, there’s nothing of substance coming from him in this regard to suggest he is an alternative, and the previous government did lay the foundations of our weak e-Economy. Keen on your thoughts…..

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  1. Jay says:

    Its a pitiful state of affairs. IT moves at a glacial pace in this frickin’ country. Moreover when the loudest industry voice seems to be the ACS, its no wonder things are as rooted as they are.

    I recommend we all torrent our little black hearts out and choke up the bandwidth until they have no choice but to upgrade the pipes. And when everyone is rate shaped to shit and when our Internet is filtered, we use private VPNs and just keep torrenting.

    - J.

  2. Noise says:

    Lots of noise and promotion and talking but little delivery. If you say it enough won’t convince anyone it is any different.

  3. JS says:

    If only speed to deployment was the only thing.

    What is coming is not only slow but poorly thought out and wrong in cases. Politics a big influence and that is wrong but the games they play.

    At least we have the net to call them into account. The balance of who dominates the discussion is shifting. Where could we have such a discussion and with such a large audience before?

    Get out there people and be heard.

  4. Just announced that the filter is on the backburner. May it stay there.

  5. Some fair points by the Government (re: NBN), but you need to actually make it happen and not just talk it. How long is/was it planned to go on for before we saw nation-wide benefits?


    A worry.

  6. Report says:

    Can anyone list the achievements of Stephen Conroy in government? Serious.

  7. Report says:

    Also wondering who is providing advice to government from outside of gov? Who are the specialists and organisations acting as experts? If little is being done and as written above we have fails, WTF are they saying?

  8. The Knuckle says:

    @Report “can anyone list the achievements of Stephen Conroy?”

    I can.

    He’s very fond of golf, football and racing. He’s made great inroads into accepting free tickets on junkets from corporates.

    What has he achieved? A reputation.