There’s only a few security focussed companies I trust(ed), and PGP was one of them. They’ve now fallen into the hands of this mob.

One of my all-time favourite posts here.

A case of too much money in the bank and on the flipside, easy-money. It’s business I suppose.
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  1. Scared says:

    Thanks. This is delving now into old school for corruption. One of the last bastions we have is dead. No more parties.

  2. SF says:

    Trade practices Act? Has a complaint ever been made for false advertising from vendors like symantec.

  3. D says:

    So over big business and tired of FUD and fighting fear with fear. Time for the light to shine… :)

    How may trust tokens we got left out there? Temporal flux, impermanence…

    What’s the Truth of it? Integral and social enterprise?

    How to side-step the old construct…