The Cloud Security Alliance has announced a new cloud security certification here.

No attempted wit, humour nor sarcasm could do this justice so I will sign off now.

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  1. The Knuckle says:

    Jeez this is one of the funniest infosec things I’ve read in ages. Thx DD!

    Loved this bit -(Jerry Archer, CSO for Sallie Mae);
    “The CSA, in providing a set of goals through the CCSK, is challenging security practitioners to become the cloud thought-leaders we need today and tomorrow to ensure safe and secure cloud environments. In developing the CCSK, CSA is “setting the bar” for security professionals and providing business executives a means to gauge the opinions and rhetoric associated with security in the cloud.”

    “Rhetoric”?? “Cloud thought-leaders”?? F- me gently, do you reckon Jerry Archer sees the irony in his own spin?

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  3. @knuckle says:

    Great post. Made me go back and read the whole thing. It gets sadder and dumber as it goes along. An extraordinary weird thing.


    I just wonder how we get into positions where some questions like these have to be asked. The first 4 are really sad if you need to be asking them. Worse still, why TF are some organisations doing this at all?

    BTW, The old AS/NZS Guide for Managing Risk in Outsourcing was not a bad document. (I think it was a 4360 addition).