- Wayne from Securus Global did us proud at the DefCon Social Engineering CTF Tournament in Las Vegas recently. It picked up a bit of press coverage. Just a couple of examples from ITNews and InfoWorld. Really demonstrates how someone can target an attack and relatively simply (with the right training, know-how and expertise), own a company. Unfortunately, we don’t see many organisations doing this type of assurance and testing – nor have an interest in it. Keen on your thoughts.

- Louis from Securus Global was involved with the French team that blitzed it at the DefCon Hacking CTF. Both Wayne and Louis, along with other Securus Global team members will be doing a few presentations in Melbourne and hopefully Sydney soon on various topics including penetration testing, web application security, social engineering and others. Stay tuned to our website as we kick off again our series of Breakfast Briefs and Technical Sessions in Q4, 2010.

- This is pretty cool. The character in a new novel with a hacker as one of the leads is based upon Dean Carter. Reported here at ZDNet. Who’s going to play Dean in the movie will be interesting.

- Checkout the Australian Information Security Bloggers Directory and see what the local guys are up to.

- Local scene roundup here.

- In numerous links above, you’ll see Securus Global has a new website. It’s a WIP (again). Websites and website development is a pain. Too much information, too little information….can you win? We’re better at testing and breaking them than we are at making our own I reckon but that’s an old story. Would love to hear from people on their thoughts on which security organisation has a good website. Just curious…. :)

- With the election just around the corner, we can safely say that neither major party seems to have a clue about technology; the Internet, eCommerce and everything else related. Few if any issues and questions I have posted here will/are being addressed. I do ask again though, where has the money that Stephen Conroy promised, and has used in his marketing for the Internet Filter, ie; the millions for additional policing for child protection on the Net gone? Almost 3 years of hearing about it. No answers.

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