Liverpool City Council has burned down. Reported here in the SMH.

Listening to the Mayor being interviewed on radio this afternoon; you get the sense that the data loss and impact will be huge. I don’t think she [the Mayor] seems to get what a problem they have. They believe they have backup tapes “from last Thursday”, but don’t seem to have computers to restore them to. They believe they’ll have *a* computer in a temporary office, “but no email”.

Listening to this, I just thought, what a f**king disaster! What genius decided that a DRP was not worth having? (Unless of course this has all been reported incorrectly). If not, this will be a great case study.

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  2. Declan Ingram says:

    I would say that they are as well prepared as most companies. When budgets get reduced its the things that don’t affect delivery that get cut first.

    Even organisations that have extensive ‘hot site’ DR often don’t have full replication of functionality and data.

    Also, lets say that an organisation has their data backed up onto 50 tapes. In the event of total destruction (like the fire discussed above) where are they going to be restored too? even once you have all the hardware – with one or two tape drives to do the restore, how long will that take?

    Can your business wait that long?

    Whats that? You don’t have to worry because your data is in ‘the cloud’? Well then, you’d better get a lot of mobile broadband cards ready for your staff..

  3. Jay says:

    I can name entire businesses that have signed off risk acceptance for NOT having a DRP/BCP!

    This is so common, its not funny.

    America had 9/11 to stress the value of BCP/DRP. Aussies are just way too dense. “She’ll be right mate!”


    - J.

  4. Jay, that is really scary isn’t it?! I agree, in Australia, we rate relatively poorly with that “she’ll be right” attitude. I wonder how the council is going with this. I wonder what the impact on the ratepayers will be.

  5. Jay says:

    You’d think that Black Saturday would serve as a poignant reminder (particularly for councils and the like) but apparently not.

    - J.

  6. Jay,

    I’ve always been a fan of Incident Response plans also being tied into the larger DRP —> BCP. As subset but functionally reliant upon from a minimum already defined contacts and stakeholders. Surprisingly few are, creating re-invention of the wheel/doubling up work, conflicts in response ownership…etc etc…plus confusion in terms of overall responsibilities.