I suppose having some form of detection “engine” at the ready even if it’s just sitting idle, (if that is really what Apple is considering and it’s not just speculation waffle), makes sense in the longer term…..if that one day comes where all us Mac users come under attack!? Quicker to download a signature than a complete application when time could be of the essense. But if gameovered….doesn’t matter anyway, Hmm….Nothing new here.

The last update to Mac’s operating system (Leopard) didn’t really live up to the hype in my opinion but still, I’d rather be on the Mac than Windows. Just a personal choice. Thanks to cmlh for the link to this comparison between Windows 7 and the last version of the Mac OS. Worth a read if interested. Then again, with an upgrade price of around $30, who knows, I may get the urge to get it sooner. http://www.apple.com/macosx/

LOL at the dude(s) that responded to a recent press article on Mac security that I was quoted in…assuming I was on anything but the Mac and how dare I bag Mac security. But that’s another story. :) Got to love the Mac fanboys. They are a passionate bunch.

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Gees….the Mac OSX boys are copping a bit of a flogging on the Net now…..It’s like payback time! But is that fair?

It’s no surprise and you didn’t need to be old Nostradamus to predict it was going to happen. (Even I did!). But, the big heroes are now talking up what we all knew was the bleeding obvious! It was just a matter of time. Still, to be fair to Apple (and I use a Mac – 2 in total the office, all else….yeah, variations of Linux as primary machines for the guys and one failed 6 month Vista “experiment” which became Linux), they are not supported by a bunch of vendors helping to support their security! Okay, it’s only a matter of time…I know….but seeing something today on a test machine (Windows)….after many years…..scared me big time. I saw the Norton Antivirus screen!

The signs look bad for Mac in 2008 in regards to security, in my opinion. As 2007 came to an end, you could see throughout the year that Mac security issues were growing in terms of mainstream reporting (though numbers did not increase that much from 2006: http://secunia.com/product/96/?task=statistics_2007).

The expectation is that it’s only a matter of time before Mac users start to face issues that PC users have been for many years. The concern is; will Mac users be ready? Are they educated enough? To be honest, most probably are not….making them a prime target.


I like these stories that come out every so often from the anti-badware vendors to remind us that they are on top of the fight against the bad guys. From ZDNet; More malware means good news in the security fight.

Somehow, while attacks are on the rise, it seems that the good guys are making it hard on the bad guys:
“While the volume of malware threats has spiked recently, one expert believes that this is a good sign, with cybercriminals having to resort to increasingly desperate measures to get a result.”

WTF? Really?

“For one thing this means that they’ve had to cast their nets wider and pump out a vast amount more than they once had to,” said Ducklin.

The bad guys are on the backfoot:
“Secondly, it means they’ve had to employ increasingly complicated tactics to expose people, such as this PDF Trojan……………the fact that it sounds complicated can be taken as a sign that we’re beginning to do very well.”

This is on the back of Kaspersky reporting upper hand on the fight.

The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority recently released an assessment in response to complaints lodged against some of the MAC ads. (Gees they are good ads :-) ).

It’s worth a read. While you can argue some points, the realities are pretty much close to the mark. (says a new convert to MACs). It does still freak me that I don’t have any anti-virus or spyware software on my machine (coming from 17 years of running such software on all previous machines I have owned).

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Computerworld reports the money has been won.

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No more to add at the moment…… stay tuned. The SA guys are intrigued (in a good way!) that I am using a MAC now and are happy to leave mine alone.

They’ll get to it…….it does though still look like shooting fish in a barrel but who knows?

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