Married cousin

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Married cousin

Last year I went to Delhi for some domestic affairs.I was setting my bags when my aunty(neighbour aunty) came and asked my mom about where i was going? my mom said he is go to Delhi for some works she looked glad to hear that and insisted me to visit her daughters house too coz she never came there since last 3/4 years.and she said that she would call her about me. 

She gave me her telephone number and some gifts for her.In Delhi I stayed in a hotel and after finishing my works I phoned aunty's /daughter/">daughter Vidisha. We know each other very well . She became very glad after listening my voice and asked about my the wwwxxx residence when she heard that I was staying in a hotel, she became unhappy with me and said," u should not be there,you should have come here".

And ordered me to move to their house immediately ,saying that’s very /bad/">bad Mr. Vikram wait i am coming and after 1/2 hors she along with her hubby reached my hotel and they checked out me from that hotel and I came with to their home with them. When we reached their home, her husband excused me coz he was going some where and said that we would met in the dinner. Vidisha said, ’Vikram plz don't mind !!!!! he has no time even for me too.’ 

its ok I said . Then she asked me to take a bath and to take some rest. After bath I went to sleep as I was tired enough. At night, her servant called me for dinner, and at the dinner table only Vidisha was there. when I saw her uffffffffffff, she was wearing a sleeveless shirt with a V shape on the front, She was already very lovely but that time she was looking extra charming.Her big white breasts were clearly seen. For a moment I was stunned in silence. when I reached near to her she said ,Come on ,u r welcome and gave me a hug. hmmmmmmmmm I felt a little hot and said in this dress you wwwxxx are looking very /cute/">cute and .....hugged her again. She also felt my passion and said plz don't look like this before him.(hubby) I said ,"but miss in this dress u r looking very great. she said ,thanks and again requested .I said."I’m trying but ur looking very very beautiful ."She became a little shy after hearing my comments and then suddenly she said 'Ab chup" woh aa rahay hain'.When Deep(her hubby) reached that table,he was looking in hurry and said .Sorry dosto !! i'm a bit late.During dinner, we chat on different topics, and I felt ,Vidisha was a little quite before her husband and that was a natural thing. After dinner, Deep said come on to the tv lounge and we three went to the tv lounge. There Deep opened a cabinet and I saw a bottle of liquor in his hands,he asked his wife to bring ice and glasses.When she came back ,she prepared a pag and presented me but I refused that as I never used to drink. He said 'piyo yar',its better for ur health but I again refused.he insisted but when I refused in harsh wordsand asked Vidisha to bring pepsi for me..Then me and Vidisha were drinking pepsi and he was drinking liquor. Vidisha was also giving him pags one after the other and soon after 4,5 pag ,he became lively.I felt that he is about to TUN. When Vidisha gave him 7th pag,he said in husky voice,"mister jaffery see my wife is true beautiful lady." 

Vidisha was shying but he was heavily drunked and she knew at that time she couldn’t resist him or say no to him,so she did what he asked her to do and served another full glass to him,this time it was totally neat. He drank and then put his head at her /big/big-breasts/">big breasts and in the next minute he was about to sleep, in next few seconds, he was snoring with strange voices. When he slept ,vidisha said ,plz help me to lay down this man,we then picked him upon our arms and then put him over the bed (during this course i touched her breast incidently to check her response and she did not mind). after laying her hubby Vidisha said thanx God,and thank u ,Mr Vikram now please come with me for some chat. We leaved that room and entered the guest room.
Then she unexpectedly said .Mr.Vikram,u r also a very sexy looking man. 

me..............????? really....??? 

yeah U’..u have a very sexy look.she said mysteriously and i went near to her and said ,"i am sexy from where".

She also stood right before me and said i am beautiful from where?
and we both were laughing together.I said ,should i tell u from where u look beautiful".She said 'yes' and then she closed her eyes.and took my hand and said plz tell.I put my hand on her /boobs/big-boobs/">big boobs with hesitation and said . 

’from here'She gripped my hand and pressed her breasts and said ..and??? 

i said ur red lipps.....and i put my lips on her lips and licked her lip with the tip of my tongue..she said nothing but i felt her breath was heavy.then i sucked her lower lip gently and she moaned. Ummmmmmmmmm’haaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.............i with the tip of my tongue licked her teeth and try to opened her mouth .she understood my demand and opened her mouth for my tongue.. now i entered my tongue in her mouth and searched for her tongue. She immidiately gave her tongue..we licked each others tongue and ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm her salty tongue was very tasty...her saliva was coming to my mouth and my saliva moving to her mouth ..........mmmmmmmmmmmm. ...very tasty ...we both became /crazy/">crazy and kissed passionately and I sucked her with joy .She also enjoyed with my tongue and saliva and took my cock in her hands and pressed that firmly. After that,when we need some thing more.she said "took off ur clothes darling!!!!...and took off her clothes immediately. wow............what a body she have....pure blushing ......white....mmmm ... she looked like a /model/">model. I also took my clothes off and when we were nacked ,we kissed again. soon we laid off and she said. "darling jaisay hont choosay hain waisay hi suck my breast and pussy.." 

First i sucked and pressed her breasts and licked her nipples .she said "plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz neechay bhi jao.." and i slowly went to her lower part of the body. her choot was pinkish and clean shaved.i licked her pussy with the tip of my tongue. and she said" plzzzzzzzzzzzz lick my clit. I enjoy that most."i said ok and licked her clit and she was moaning loudly.. ahhhhhhhhhh’ hoooooooooooooooooooooooo ..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 

plz be fast darling.. fasttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt tttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt and held my head in her hands and .....some time later i felt that her cilt was going big then normal and she said .jaffery put ur middle finger in my chooot.....and i inserted my middle finger in her choot................ 

she cried uffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff.and said in out karo in out karo.............................and i did what she asked.. 

she said now pull ur finger out and gave it to me in my mouth .i pulled my finger out which was full of cum and she sucked ,licked my finger saying now its my turn.. 

u lay down now. i laid on the sofa and she licked my whole body. from forehead she went down slowly .licking my chest then my nipples,and then her tongue was going to the lower part ,as she reached my cock ,she said,ur cock is very wonderful. what a /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock u have ..... 

at first ,she licked,with the tip of her tongue, and then she began to suck. She sucked my cock and licked balls. She spit on the cock and sucked that and she put her fingers into her cunt and then pasted that cum to my cock..and sucked that mixture of her cum and saliva....I was feeling great.and i was in 7th heaven.Suddenly she said i'm out of control now.plz fuck me.jaldi say chodo naa mujheeeeeeeee 

when i tried to get up.She said no...... no..... no....... laitay raho........ 

i wanna climb on u and then looking my hard cock ,kissed it and pasted some saliva on my knob and guided my cock towards her pussy slowly..........she entered my knob in her bearutiful pussy and she cried .Ahhhhhhh. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 

and jumped at that my whole cock was disappeared in lovely hers.She said mister put my breasts in ur hands and press my nipples during the course of jumping and did what she demanded.She jumped and cried.Ahhhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ’’’’.. ufffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff 

after some time i felt that her breath is too heavy and also her jumps were fast then normal. Some thing was running towards my cock and i said Vidishaaaaaaaaaaa i 'm going to cum.she said i tooooooooooooooooooo darling tooooooooooooooooo 

and jumped again very fastly and we both cum.........after that the same night i fucked her twice.. 

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