Pool Date

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Pool Date

Well my /mom/">mom's here already so I'll see you later! Bye Meggy!” Madison then trotted out of the /women/">women's locker room of the Azur, and disappeared through the front entrance. ”/bitch/">bitch left me!” Megan yelled in her head, joking of course, and continued changing out of her wet bathing suit.

While taking off free porn movies download her bikini top she felt a pair of large rough hands grazing her back. ”Fancy meeting you here,” a deep voice whispered seductively. ”Dylan we all cam to the pool together. What are you doing in the girl's locker room?” She said as her breathing deepened, fear overtaking her. ”Don't worry baby, I'll take good care of you,” he said reassuringly. She calmed down a little, and relaxed with every touch.

His moved from her sides up to her ample breasts, which he kneaded softly, tweaking her nipples a few time. Her breathing labored, as the pleasure pulsed in her clitoris. His hand then slithered down her abdomen, passing her perfectly trimmed tuft of hair, his fingers being engulfed by the warmth emanating from her dampened cunt. She let out a short, quiet moan, waiting for the fingers to touch her. ”You like that?” He said teasingly, his fingers playing with her hardened clit.

He sat down on the bench behind him, dragging her with him, as if they were attached. He guided her in between his legs, his hard 7-inch cock rubbing full hd xvideo download against her back, as he pleasured her more. His fingers pumped in and out of her moist cave, a soft groan heard each time. Without warning he lifted her, slowly lowering her sheath onto his sword. She gasped at the new found object penetrating her, and he groaned as the tight walls welcomed him. He lifted her again, this time slamming her down in his lap, skin on skin echoed through the room, and that's all you heard.

Moans were louder, and their pace quickened. Pleasured screams were jumping out of their throats. They came together in pure bliss, his seed spilling into her as her contracting walls milked every last drop.