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I met Melanie in the 7th grade, she was a year younger than me which meant she was in the 6th grade. She was so hot, I never considered being a lesbian or whatever. I mean, it's normal thinking that other girls are pretty. But I mean, I was seriously attracted to her. She had beautiful eyes along with a sexy smile and the biggest breasts ever. I never actually thought about her in a sexual way but when I was working out she commented that I had a /butts/nice-butt/">nice butt, yes, she was kidding but then I started fantasizing about her. That was about when I was in high school. We went to same middle school, high school, and guess what? /college/">college. I never ever told her about how hot she was, I thought by time I would just laugh about even thinking that but no such luck. I was addicted. In college we shared a dorm room, we had eventually become best friends and were very close. That was a good thing but yet /bad/">bad, we changed in the dressing rooms together, took showers together, etc. just a /friend/best-friend/">best friend thing you know? But while she wasn't thinking anything I was going /crazy/">crazy, I found myself afterevery time I saw her change in the room, i would be getting off in the bathroom. 

One night while I was studying for midterm, Melanie comes home drunk. She didn't even notice me there, I just watched her go around the room throwing her clothes off. What the hell was she doing? She got into bed and then suddenly started fingering herself and moaning loudly. She started matching therhythm of her fingers going in and out of her soft pink clit. I was getting so wet...I didn't even bother about trying to wake her up, then I found myself fingering myself, we were both jacking off and making a lot of noise. 

The next morning everything continued normally, she had no idea what had happened last night and Iwasn't planning on telling her either. 
After what happened last night, that just made me wanna fuck her more than ever. Her ass was so sexy and she didn't even know she had that big of an affect on me. 

That day we went to the library together, while we were looking at some books her ass rubs against my pussy slightly. That got my wet instantly, she didn't seem to notice but stayed there. She would reach up for books or reach down for books which made her old waman xxxgx rub against me more. Out of no where my hands wrap around her. She turns around and looks at me
"What are you doing?" 
I didn't answered and kissed her, it was a very passionate kiss and she didn't seem to mind. She pulled away and whispered to me 
"Meet me at the room." 

I practically ran to the room and found her already there. She looked at me shyly and walked over to my bokep sma pecah perawan slowly. When she finally made it in front of me I start taking her shirt off.Then her bra. Her boobs were so big and perky. I lowered my head and started sucking on her erect nipples. She moaned. She led me to the bed and layed be down. She took of my shirt, then my pants. All I had was a bra and a /thong/">thong. she took of my bra and licked me around my breasts then slowly made it down to /wet/pussy-wet/my-wet-pussy/">my wet pussy. She took off my thongwith her teeth and started tongue fucking me. I was enjoying it so much but I wanted to do something to her so I made her lay down and pulled out my /dildo/double-dildo/">double dildo. I stuck one part in her without hesitation and stuck the other part in me. We fucked so hard, the bed was pounding and we were making so much noise. We were at the samerhythm and she looked so hot. Her boobs were bouncing all over the place and she was moaning so loudly.

"oohhh harder ooo baby " 
I couldn't hold it any longer and came. She came a second later. I collapsed on topother panting...that was the greatest sex that I have ever had in my whole life..she was so fuckin great..