Emily Kirsty

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Emily Kirsty

Note : This story is completely fictional!

My storey starts two years ago when I was married and very happy, I worked from home and my wife had a good office job, I and my wife had hired a new Nanny named Emily to help look after our /daughter/">daughter Sarah. Emily was a pretty little 18 year old sweetheart, lovely pert tits and a stunning curvy ass that had me drooling every time I caught a glimpse, after a few weeks it got to the point where I was flirting with her every chance I got and I was sure she was flirting back. Emily caught me looking at her arse all the time but never did or said anything about it and on one occasions I swear she half flashed her panties at me as she sat opposite me on the sofa.

Then one Saturday night me and my wife Sally were going out to a family event and Emily had agreed to babysit for us, I picked her up from her flat which she shared with a Scottish girl called kirsty, I had my suspicions that they were more than just friends what with Emily not having had any boyfriends to my knowledge despite being as stunning as any girl I had ever seen

Back out our house Emily soon started getting our daughter ready for bed as me and Sally got ready to go out, we left about 7-ish and I drove us to her parents house were we enjoyed a good meal and good conversation, Sally got a little drunk and at 10-30 I was taking her home, she was falling asleep in the car and I knew she would be out for the count in no time.

When we got back home Emily helped me take Sally upstairs and put her to bed, as we were undressing Sally I noticed sexxxx video ful hd how Emily was taking a great interest in my wife?s /breasts/large-breasts/">large breasts, after we had her tucked up nice and snug, me and Emily went down stares were I had my first drink of the night and Emily joined me. we sat chatting as we sipped our wine and I couldn?t help but notice Emily was showing a lot of leg and the odd flash of her white cotton panties, as we talked Emily confessed to me that her and Kirsty were living together as a couple, this revelation had me getting hard & horny in no time, my cock war throbbing just imagining the two of them together. Emily started to giggle and when I asked her what was so funny she told me she could see my /erection/">erection poking at my trousers and found it kind of horny, I apologized and told her it was her fault as the idea of her and kirsty was about the sexiest thing I could imagine, Then Emily said something that got me harder in a flash. and all she said was: I haven?t been with a man since I met Kirsty two and a half years ago and I do miss giving blow jobs: I looked at her and she looked at me and the next thing I knew we were getting closer, Emily leaned across and kissed me and I was only too happy to kiss her back, as we kissed I started to feel her pert little boobs and she ran her hand over my erection and started to open my fly, soon Emily had my cock out and was wanking me nice and slowly, I went to slid my hand up her skirt and Emily stopped me saying there was no time as Kirsty was expecting her home, Emily lowered her head and started to lick and kiss my erect cock before she took my entire length deep into her mouth and started to rhythmically suck me,

I couldn?t believe that at the ripe age of thirty seven I was getting oral from a sexy blond bisexual eighteen year old who looked hotter than any girl I had ever seen in my life, after a few minutes I warned Emily that I was close to Cumming and started to thrust my cock deep into her throe, holding her by the hair I then started to shoot my spunk into her perfect mouth, Emily tried to swallow all my load but ended up choking on it and coughing it up all over my cock - balls and pants. Emily then said she add better be getting home, we cleaned up and I drove her to her home, the light was on and before I could kiss her good night Kirsty opened the front door and stood there waiting on Emily.

On the way back home a got hard again at the thought of what had just happened and ended up wanking myself off in the bathroom before going to bed and lying next to my drunken wife.

the next time Emily came round she acted like nothing had happened and I thought that would be the end of it, but later when my wife went for a shower and Sarah was playing with her friend in the conservatory,
Emily came up to me and grabbed hold of my limp dick through my trousers and told me I owed her an Orgasm and she didn?t want to wait forever. Then as her day was over she shouted good bye to sally and Sarah and off she went to catch the bus home to Kirsty. that night me and sally had sex and I fucked her so hard imagining she was Emily, sally loved it and orgasmed two or three times before I reached my climaxed and filled my wife?s pussy with my salty load...

it was two days later that I got to meet Emily, I went round to hers on her day off, Kirsty was at collage and this meant we had the day to ourselves, we drank a few cans of lager as we chatted about all kinds of things and then we started to kiss, I removed her t-shirt and unclipped her bra, and for the /first-time/">first time I got to see her lovely round tits, her nipples were rock hard and stud out like pencil rubbers, they were rosy red and my mouth just flew to then I sucked licked and kissed them and Emily orgasmed before I got her panties of, I started to strip and just as I got my cock out, the front door opened.

Kirsty stud there looking xxx sex video download free com stunned, then as she came to terms with what was going on she started to scream at me, calling me every name under the sun, I grabbed my clothes and as Emily told me to go I made my escape, before I got home I sat thinking how much trouble I would be in if I got caught.

The next day Emily came to our house as normal and I was dying to find out what had happened, when my wife went shopping with her friends, Emily came in to my office and explained to me what happened between her and Kirsty. Apparently after they had argued for ages they came to the conclusion that I was the answer to a problem that they had and if I agreed to give Kirsty a baby they would never mention what had happened and I would not be expected to pay or be a part of the Childs life. I couldn?t give her an answer instantly but told her I would think hard on it.

I had no option but to go through with it and was more than happy when it turned out I would get to fuck Kirsty and get her /pregnant/">pregnant the old fashioned way, come the weekend I went round to Emily?s & Kirsty?s and as I went in I took a good look at Kirsty, she was about the same high as Emily(5"5`) with dark red hair and a slim /athletic/">athletic figure, her ass was not as good as Emily?s but her tits were bigger, much bigger I would guess about 34 D, she was definably worth fucking and I was more than ready to impregnate her, there was no foreplay or kissing we just stripped of and got on the bed, Emily sat in the corner as Kirsty got on her hands and knees presenting me with a really good view of her tight little ass and shaven pussy, I rubbed my cock up and down her slit and was surprised at how wet she was, slowly I entered her and started to fuck her slowly, all the time Emily was sat watching us and when I looked over at her she had her hand up her skirt frigging her pussy as she watched us. I was soon ready to cum and warning them I was close I started to erupt my spunky load deep in Kirsty?s juicy /hole/fuck-hole/">fuck hole, Emily started to shudder as she orgasmed on her fingers, I could see her white panties turning transparent with her girly sex juices, I pulled out and could see my cum deep in Kirsty?s pussy, Kirsty didn?t move she just stayed there so my sperm would flood down to her womb, after I dressed Emily showed me out and kissed me hard before I left.

I drove home feeling a bit used but very satisfied, when I got in I showered and then sat down to dinner with sally and Sarah, later in the bedroom I fucked sally in the same position that I had fucked Kirsty, Cumming deep in my wife?s /hairy/hairy-vagina/">hairy vagina, sally loved it and commented on how /good/good-sex/">good sex was between us, if only she knew I had been fucking a sexy Scottish teenager only hours before and that she was probably pregnant.

the next weekend I was back at Kirsty?s& Emily?s flat, this time it was even better, Kirsty was more into it and even sucked on my cock to get me more in the mood, and all the time Emily was watching and fingering her pussy, I even got to see it for the first time, as I was fucking kirsty, this time she was on her back with a pillow under her ass and as I looked to Emily she pulled her panties to one side and I got to gaze at her shaven peach of a pussy. I was still looking at it as the sperm flooded through my cock and shoot deep into Kirsty?s unprotected pussy, again Kirsty stayed on the bed holding my cum deep in her womb and Emily showed me out, as I kissed her good bye I slipped my hand into her panties and felt her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy for the first time, and whispered in her ear that I really wanted to fuck her, Emily kissed me and whispered back to me ?soon"

I didn?t get to fuck Kirsty again as she was pregnant and that was my job done, and as for Emily other than the odd blow job or quick wank, we never seemed to get the time, then nine months later Kirsty gave birth, it was a natural birth and she had a baby girl named Stacey. I went to visit and Kirsty got a bit worried till I assured her I was not going to try claim the baby as mine. when visiting time was over I give Emily a lift home and she invited me in for a celebratory drink, once in the flat we were soon kissing passionately and I was having a good feel of her firm little boobs, she was not wearing a bra and her nipples were erect, as I played with them Emily released my cock from my pants then proceeded to remove the rest of my clothes, I then stripped her of her t-shirt and skirt and this left her in just a pair of black cotton panties, I pushed her on to her back and started to lick her through her panties, then pulling them to the side I started to lick, kiss & suck her clit & pussy lips, I licked her through two orgasms getting my face really covered in her love juice then I crawled up her body kissing every inch of her and sucking hard on her erect nipples, when we kissed she got to taste her pussy on my lips & tong and as we kissed I felt her guide my cock into her juicy pussy, at last I was fucking Emily, I had waited so long to do this and it was so good, her pussy was the tightest I had ever felt, I could feel her /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples rubbing on my chest as pumped my cock deep in to her honey pot, she started to climax on my cock and as she did I warned her I was close to Cumming, we came together, me pulling out and shooting my load over her black panties, belly & tits. we then showered and fucked again in the shower, Emily told me she had to get out of the shower to pee it?s a bit kinky but I made her piss on my feet, then I turned her round pushed her forward and slipped my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock deep in her shaven pussy & fucked her up against the shower wall, it was no were near love making it was just hard sex, Emily climaxed and I was soon close to Cumming, I pulled out and shot my cum over her pretty little ass, then I got a wicked idea, as she was still bending forward I started to piss, and washed all my sperm of her ass with my yellow stream of piss, we dried each other off and got dressed, when I came to leave I held her tight, that was the last time I got to fuck Emily or Kirsty but Kirsty is talking about having another child and I just hope they want the same father for their kids...(ps) I still have them black panties...

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