First time with friends Z

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First time with friends Z

Janet and I had been married for two years, and had a great sex life. we were both virgins when we got married. and really were open and honest with each other. For info Janet is 5 6 119 lbs a firm 34b and really long and /legs/sexy-legs/">sexy legs that fan form the floor till they made a /perfect/perfect-ass/">perfect ass of themselves. with a heart shaped patch of hair on her pussy.

One day out of the blue our friends from high school called and told us they ad eloped and were in the area and wanted to visit. Janet insisted they stay with us to catch up on old time and save money rather than in a hotel.

When Hank and Amy arrived on Wednesday i was shocked at how she looked. long red hair about a 36d and beautiful skin her just standing there gave me a hard on..
we sat and had a couple of drinks and chatted about friends we knew and places we had been, and the talk never turned to anything sexual.

When Friday came around i got home from work and hank suggested we go to a dinner and a movie, and we agreed but i suggested a gentlemans dinner club Janet and i went to so we could have a couple of drinks first.

When we arrived at the club we got a booth in the back and were enjoying the show the girls were talking and smiling. Hank told me they were nudist, something i would have never guess but looking at Amy I though would i love to see that. Te girls started giggling and then went to he rest room.

We were all feeling good when we left eh club and went to the movie. during the movie me and hank decided to get some popcorn, When we were going to he snack bar white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie the looked at me and said he though Janet was stunning and bet she looked great naked. i told him she was and said the same thing about Amy. he asked if we ever played strip poker, I told him that we did and Janet liked it. then he hit me with the shocker he said that he and Amy were swingers. That is something that Janet and I had never considered. He looked at me and smiled as he said a beautiful body is a terrible thing to keep hidden.

When we got back the girls were giggling again, when I asked Janet what was so funny she just smiled and said it was something Amy told her.

After the movie we went home and somehow the talked turned sexual, and Hank and Amy told Janet they were nudist and swingers. She sat there shocked and red faced for a while, and I could see the wheels turning in her head. I did not know if she was mad or embarrassed or what.

We got home and Janet fixed a couple of drinks and Amy suggested we play a couple of games. we started with scrabble, and then I suggested playing poker, thing about what Hank told me.

The drinks were taking effect and everyone was happy. after about 5 hands Hank asked if we would like to learn a new way to play strip poker, to my /surprise/">surprise Janet said sure why not. we played and i was surprised that every time she lost that Janet would let Hank take a piece of clothes off her, and i did the same to Amy. When Hank took his /underwear/">underwear off I heard Janet gasp a little at his long and /cock/thick-cock/">thick cock, When we were all naked I put on some slow dance music on and Janet and stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv i started dancing, it did not take long for Hank to ask to cut in. They were dancing and i watched as Hank gave Janet a long and passionate kiss as his hands wandered over her body and she did not resist. all this time Amy was leaning on me and kissing me on the ear and i was getting so horny..

Hank was grinding u p against Janet and i hear her gasp deeply as i realized by the look on her face that he had shoved his cock deep inside of her. After a couple of minutes Janet took his hand and led him to the bedroom he and Amy were staying in.